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Korona Plumbing & Renovations offers reliable, trustworthy, and professional plumbing services. We specialize in advanced, complex, and complicated plumbing issues. Have peace of mind when working with a locally-owned small business. We serve Alexandria and Arlington, VA.

Korona Plumbing offers top-of-the-line custom bathroom renovations. We are a one-stop shop for your dream reno. Know you’re getting the best quality possible work when you engage a Master Plumber for your bathroom project.

Note that we only take on 12 bathroom renos per year to ensure the highest level of quality and service for our clients.

How To Get In Touch:

  1. For Emergencies Only: Please call (571-317-1555). Note: this is for URGENT services needed in under two hours – for example, a major backup or leak. Please do not call this line for bathroom remodeling quotes or non-urgent needs – for those, please utilize other methods of contact below. Note this number is for calls only, not texts.

2. For Routine Service Appointments: Please reach out via email to inquire regarding service availability for any non-emergency plumbing services. Alexandria/Arlington, VA services only.

3. For Bathroom Renovation Quotes Only: Please book an appointment for a quote through the online system linked in the button below.

4. General Inquiries/Questions: Please send an email to:

FAQ – Korona Plumbing:

  1. Q: Have you called three+ other plumbing companies and no one could fix your issue? Or did they “solve” it but it broke again?

    A: We specialize in advanced, complex, and complicated plumbing issues. If you’ve tried a few other plumbing companies and they couldn’t troubleshoot, we can pretty much guarantee that we can fix it. A tough plumbing challenge is our favorite thing!
  2. Q: Do you provide free estimates?

A: We don’t charge to come out to your house and provide a quote for plumbing work, but if we need to start investigating a leak source and are opening up walls, we do charge a nominal fee to diagnose the issue. We hope you’ll then call us back to fix the issue for you!

3. Q: What happens if you need to open up a wall or ceiling to see the pipes? Will you leave me hanging like that?!

A: Nope! We’re a full-service plumbing and renovation company and always repair drywall and re-paint after performing plumbing work.

4. Q: Do you have a list of all plumbing and renovation services you provide?

A: As a starter: Leak Detection and Repair, Sewer Camera Inspection, Backflow Services, Bathtub & Shower Installation, Bathtub & Shower Repair, Drain Installation, Drain Cleaning, Emergency Services, Faucet Installation, Faucet Repair, Garbage Disposal Repair, Dishwasher Installation, Gas Line Services, Sump Pump and Battery Back-Up Services, Gas Line Services, Pipe Installation, Pipe Repair, Septic Tank Services, Sewer Services, Sink Installation, Sink Repair, Toilet Installation, Toilet Repair, Water Filter Services, Water Heater Installation, Water Heater Repair

5. Q: Are you using a complicated or European-style bathroom/kitchen fixture that no other plumber can figure out how to operate on?

A: Call us! We’ve got you covered for your bidet, towel warmer, or impossible-looking but really cool faucet/showerhead/etc.

6. Q: How much do Korona Plumbing bathroom renovations cost?

A: Great question, and it really depends on the size and scope of the project. A standard full bathroom reno starts anywhere between 17-19k. Note that our rates do not include materials such as tiles, fixtures, vanities, toilet/tub, etc. Owners must order/purchase these items prior to starting the job.

About Us

John Korona is the founder and owner of Korona Plumbing & Renovations, LLC in Northern Virginia.

John has over 20 years of professional plumbing and renovation experience. He specializes in full-service residential plumbing from repairs and new installations to drywall and painting–it’s a one-stop shop. His attention to detail and focus on superior quality are essential to his craft.

Korona Plumbing & Renovations serves the greater Alexandria and Arlington areas of Northern Virginia. John enjoys getting to know his clients personally and helping them understand the plumbing issues at hand. He loves working with clients to create their dream spaces.

John is a licensed VA Master Plumber (#2710070638) and LLC owner (SCC ID: S8574057). Bonded & Insured.

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